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Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT) is a non-profit organization established in March 2006, in Delhi to strengthen education, training, creativity, research, documentation, dissemination, criticism, distribution, and collaborations across disciplines in the field of film and television. It mainly acts as an Academic Organization which imparts autonomous short term and long term courses related to the film medium like direction, cinematography, acting, creative writing, TV jounalism, PR advt. and event mangement.

1. Mr. Naresh Sharma, HOD: Faculty : Film Direction + Cinematography.



2. Mr. Kanhiya Kishore Thakur : Faculty: Cinematography: Assist lecturer.  

3.     #    Neha Sharma Dubey :

              # Praveen Srivastava:  

              #  Ruchi Shkula            .


: Guest Faculty: TV Journalism, News Anchoring & News Recording and Administrator


4. Ms. Jyoti Bhatt : Faculty: PR, Advertising and Event Management.


5. Mr. Novnish Sahni: Faculty: Non Linear Editing


6. Sound Recording and Audio Engineering.4-faculty members

a) Mr. Saurabh Kumar

b) Mr. Pankaj Sharma

c) Mr. Anurag Gupta


Films By Guest Faculty