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FAQ - Direction

Film schools and Film Directing schools provide aspiring film students with a solid understanding of many aspects of the film industry. While graduating from one of many Film schools or film directing schools there is no guarantee for a graduate of film school in the film industry, but it certainly increases your chances. The film industry is increasingly becoming competitive, and graduates of film schools or film direction schools have opened more doors by doing film directing course. Graduating from one of many Film directing Schools requires a lot of time and money, So make sure the film director training course you join helps you achieve your career goals in the film industry.

1. How to choose a film school, film director school, or film making school that is right for you?

The film industry is lucrative, multi-faceted and very interesting industry. Depending on what part of film production and movie making you want to learn, there is a film school or a movie direction school for you. We have compiled a list of India’s best film schools and film directing schools, often choosing the right can often be very difficult for aspiring candidates.

2. Questions to ask when Researching about a Film Schools.

Due to the increasing demand for jobs related to film, film schools have increased in number. However, not all film schools offering diplomas or degrees are taken seriously in the film industry. We recommend you to do plenty of research about the film schools, so that you make sure you attend the right film schools. Some questions may be helpful to ask when shortlisting colleges are:

• Has the film school or the film direction school has been around for long?
• Is the Film school and film directing school affiliated with a major university?
• Does film school has the credentials to support your career goals?
• Have teachers of this school worked in film industry?
• How good is the infrastructure of the film school?

If the answer to many of these questions is no, you might want to consider another film school. Well established film schools have been around for a long period are taken more seriously in the film industry. As potential film students, you would certainly want your film school teachers to have industry experience. If not, how can you expect to learn from them how to break into the film industry? Credentials of a film school are very important. Make sure the film school you shortlist has good infrastructure along with all necessary equipment needed. Some film schools grant degrees that are almost useless in the film industry. Make sure the film school you choose is one that is respected in the film industry.

3. Does Location of the film directing college matter ?

Another factor in choosing a film school is the location. Many of the most famous film schools are in Mumbai and Delhi, as they are two main centers of the film Studies in the India. You should choose a film school in one of these or any other big city, as they will be closer to the film industry. Location opens new opportunities for you to get into the film industry.

4. Choosing the Film directing school that meets you career needs?

Depending on the branch of film that you care, you can choose a film director school with a degree / program that will help in your field of interest.

There are three main types of film schools. There are General courses- One’s that cover all mass communication courses that provide specialization in films but also cover other electronic media. Then there are Video production colleges that offer a degree or diploma in video production - with no specialization. These courses teach about television and film production as a whole and thus, make you jack of all trades and master of none. Then there are some Specialization colleges that offer specialized courses like- film director courses, cinematography course, wildlife filmmaking course etc which are focused on teaching you particular aspects of video production.

For all those who’ve just finished their 12th and are not sure weather to go in print media or web or audio-visual media we recommend General Mass communication courses. But if you are sure you want to go into video production then, we would recommend you to join the second category colleges who focus on introducing you to various aspects of video production. The last category of specialization colleges are a must before you enter the industry, irrespective of what graduation course you do. These specialization courses prepares you to enter the industry with absolute knowledge of you field like- it ll prepare you in directing for film if you do a film directing course.

5. What is better Film directing colleges offering a degree or a film directing classes offering diploma?

Another very important factor when choosing a film director college is to know what the school has to offer you at graduation. Some film directing schools offer a degree, and some offer a diploma at the end of this course, No degrees which means that programs are not recognized by any universities. Though to enter in a film industry degree acts same as a diploma and doesn’t matter much which one you have, what matters is how much you know.
If possible, visit film directing colleges or film directing schools you are considering to attend. Make sure, That you see what the campus, the city, and the film director training program has to offer. you have many options when searching for a good film directing course. Make sure you choose the right on for yourself.

6. What to do when you get enrolled in a film directing school or film directing classes?

A degree from film school does not necessarily guarantee a place in Bollywood movies. However, a film director training surely helps. If you're a prospective film student who is very motivated in directing for film, there are certain film objectives you should achieve to make your film director career grow well. In Film school’s career, the usually students, as in film school directors are destined for success out of film school if they have a very good short film. The student film projects are usually accompanied by screenplay, storyboard and other necessary ingredients of film production. These are especially important if you want to direct films.

7. What do you suggest to the fresh film school directors who have just completed their course?

To all those film school directors we would recommend you to be ready with your portfolios as that is your ticket into the industry. Being fresh film school directors we won’t advice you to start directing a film as soon as you step out in the industry. Take time to get hold of the industry. As young film school directors, we recommend you to join as an assistant director for an year or two after which you will be well aware about how the industry functions and be capable of directing a film on your own.

8. Can you help me understand why i need to join film directing school?

Unlike other performing arts, cinema is a collaborative effort of many people and the assimilation of various crafts and technologies. Admittedly, because of advances in film technology and knowledge acquired in film directing classes of some of the best film schools or universities around the world, one alone can shoot an entire film. However, this is not why one joins them. In the film industry you will find that the most important skills of any successful film director career is his ability to work with others and his strong network in the film industry. Some of well known film director careers are full of stories about the horrors of "creative differences" between the temperamental stars and directors. But you may only get a good start on the ground to show respect for the needs and wishes of others at the same time by developing their talents and aesthetic vision. This can be learnt from professionals working in any reputation Film directing classes.

9. How to select the best film directing college out of so many in my city?

To figure out which are the best film directing college in your residential area, you must check out for the following:
Look out for recommendations for the film director courses offered by the film directing school

If you know someone who is a student at the film directing college, find out about what is being taught, what is the course duration and what is the fees structure of the film directing classes at the institute.

Observe a class
Check if you can sit in one of the film directing classes, as this would make it easy for one to judge film director training faculty who’s teaching and to see if the teaching methods taught are useful or not. Opt for a film director school that trains you on all the aspects of directing for film

There’s more to directing for film than deciding camera angles and coordinating things while shooting and this is why you should carefully choose from the film director schools in your area. Select one that covers every integral component to directing for film, like scene presentation, how to handle a camera, and character study etc.
consider the price

You should make sure that the courses offered by various film directing colleges or film director courses are well within your range, since you are basically attending this film director school to add on to your income in future.

10. I want to pursue a career as a film director, any tips or suggestions for me?

If you want to pursue film director career then there are a few do’s and don’ts we would like to share with you:

You must join a professional film directing course which will help you though out your film director career. Make sure you join a full time film directing college instead of joining any weekend film director courses offered by various film director schools.
Choose the best film director college or film directing school available in town.
It will be an advantage if you have got film director training before going to any of the auditions.

Private film director training lessons do not help until they are given to you by some well known director.
You must assist a director in a film before trying directing for film all by yourself.

11. Does Craft have option of joining weekend film director college classes?

Yes, Craft does have an option of weekend film director courses, which are mainly for college students or working people who have keen interest in directing for film. We have weekend film directing classes but would suggest you to do a regular course from film directing colleges or film director schools like FTII, CRAFT, etc.

12. What is a film director school?

The film director schools an educational institution that focuses on teaching film direction. Film director schools are independent or part of a university. Usually film directing colleges offer courses or programs in producing, directing, acting, screenwriting and camera and film technology etc.

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