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5. Avid non linear editing  is a pioneer in the growth  of video editing systems and it  provides the tools to help in post production of film making or any other documentary films.  Through acquisitions the company has acquired the technology to provide digital audio and newsroom automation systems.

Avid non linear editing  system also publishes video editing software for amateurs and novices for use on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. With the growth of streaming media on the Internet, Avid has dedicated itself to providing Internet-based solutions for video, audio, and other high-bandwidth streaming media.

Avid non linear editing  gives a broad range of products and there solutions to various markets that vary dramatically in terms of user requirements, applications, and budgets. It provides customers with innovative ideas, computer-based and content creation tools that will allow them to work faster with more productively, and with more creative freedom. There are many cases, things that  were not possible before the launch of Avid non linear editing system. Avid non linear editing helps to extend the business by using avid tools for audio and video creation. 

Avid non linear editing system is helping film makers leverage the full power of the Internet by providing them with new, complete, connected, and collaborative solutions.

Avid non linear editing  system helps us to copy video footage in real time to digital hard disks to allow editors to more easily view shots and quickly make trial cuts and changes.

Avid non linear editing system helps editor to make the film and video post-production process much faster and more intuitive and more creative ways to work than was possible with traditional analog linear methods of film making. In linear editing, the editor starts at the beginning and continues chronologically to the end. Nonlinear video editing, on the other hand, is not necessarily chronological; it depends on the rapid recall and utilization of any segment of the original video sequences. Integrated all of the monitors and tape recorders that were previously needed to get from one place to the next in the video editing process.

Avid non linear editing system gave film editors more creative freedom and the ability to edit quickly. Avid Net and Media server created an integrated, networked audio, video, and film environment. The system provided full-resolution, uncompressed digital image quality and was based on SGI's Onyx platform.

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