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FAQ - Radio Jockey Course

1. Except CRAFT, Which are the other top media schools for pursuing Radio jockey course in India ?

The Followings are the list of best film schools for pursuingRadio jockey and news reading & anchoring course in India

1. Indian institute of mass communication. IIMC. JNU. Delhi
2. AJK Mass communication research center delhi.

2. Can you suggest me the list of training institutes offering Radio jockey in India?

 The above mentioned list of institutes offer Radio jockey as part of their integral programme

3. I am keen on joining part time course for Radio jockey . can you suggest the institutes in delhi NCR offering part time classes.

We offer 3-months  part time RJ course in Delhi on saturday and sunday

4. Your media school is located in Delhi NCR which offer part time 3 months RADIO JOCKEY COURSE can you help me in finding one which are based in Calcutta?

We know o knowledge of such a training institute. our media school offer 3-months part time RJ course in rohini area.

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