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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers." - Daniel J. Boorstin

Advertising and Public Relations has become the backbone of the corporate world. Many young people now aspire for a career in advertising and public relations, be it management, creative, or media planning. However, this profession requires intense analytical and original thinking.

Through this course, students will gain practical insights into the structure of the advertising industry and the various roles involved. They will learn the process of planning and monitoring an advertising campaign.

Moreover, students will learn all the facets of television commercial advertising where one has to show the product in question in the most appealing fashion within 30 seconds.

You may be exploring the possibility of working in advertising or marketing. Equally, you may be looking to develop a business through advertising or be operating in a field where it's essential to understand the language of the advertising industry. This course covers all the areas required to meet your aspirations.

Equally exciting and challenging is a career in event management. To respond to the current demand in the sector, the event management component of the course is designed to enable participants to develop an innovative and multi-skilled approach in planning and coordinating events. Whether you are working in an event management environment or your job description requires event planning and management, this course offers practical insights and specific training that can be applied in real world situations.

To compliment the promotional and presentation requirements of the event management sector, this course includes a substantial public relations module. Effective public relation activities are a key requirement of most companies and organizations. This section is designed to give participants all the skills needed to operate in this area. Students will learn about the various aspects of public relation including sponsorship and community relations, based on an analysis of a range of public relations case studies and campaigns.

Career opportunities in public relations, advertising, and event management can exist on the client side and on the agency side. In some cases, public relations or event management may be a main job responsibility while other responsibilities may also be held in areas such as marketing, sponsorship, and sales promotion.

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