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Sound Recording & Audio Engineering » 1 Year » Overview

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The sound recordist is responsible for all sounds or audio effects that accompany visual images. The work includes recording, dubbing, and mixing music, dialogues, and other sound effects. As a sound recordist, you will be responsible for putting together the various elements of the sound track and edit it to give it a final shape.

Participants attending this course will learn both the technical and creative aspects of the recording process. They will learn how to work in a studio environment and how to accomplish complex recording projects. The course involves learning how to set up a recording studio with mixing consoles, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and cables. The emphasis is on developing the abilities of students to rapidly adapt to new technologies, systems, and conditions.

The Indian music recording industry is the backbone of the feature film industry. The role of the sound recordist is now recognized as a significant musical element in recording projects, with the recording studio itself regarded as a musical instrument.

The audio business is like any other business. It is not just what you know, but also who you know. CRAFT is a community where students will build lasting business relationships. Our teachers will frequently invite students to assist in the real-world work they are doing. Whether it is networking with industry professionals and other students, or dealing with writers, producers, and managers, our students receive unmatched insight into the music business.

At CRAFT, we are committed to educating upcoming audio professionals. The program is designed by a group of professionals from the Mumbai film industry who not only have an FTII background but are authorities in audiography with years of experience in music recording and sound design. The focus of the program is to provide the maximum amount of hands-on time for each participant.
On completion, students are equipped for entry-level employment in a wide range of audio industry positions. Students will have the option to work with recording studios that provide live sound audio for feature films, videos, and television, audio production, and post-production companies, broadcast and satellite companies, or work as theater and concert sound reinforcement professionals.

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