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CRAFT was one of the 24 institutes selected from all india,3-among delhi including Prestigous "Delhi Collge of Arts" to particiapte among 24 media schools. Himshaika bnasal won the Awrd of Sony-alpha camera worth 45 thousand Rupees. 

Sony's 24 Share Competition:  Ms. Himshika Bansal, Student of CRAFT won "Sony Alpha 57 Camera" as a reward of winning photography competition organized by Sony Via name of Sony's 24 Share on 15th August 2012. CRAFT was selected among the best 3 film schools in Delhi like College of Fine Arts, Delhi.


 1. To put the Sony’s flagship camera, the Alpha, in the hands of some of the most talented and exciting photographers in India.

 2. To create awareness about Sony Alpha camera among the photography community.

 3. To build relationships with photography schools, colleges and clubs.

 4. To foster the next generation of  Sony/Alpha camera users.


Put 24 Sony Alpha cameras in the hands of up-and-coming stars of photography in 24 cities and invite them to capture the essence of Independence Day from midnight to midnight: 24 Photography Schools. 24 cities. 24 students. 24 cameras. 24 hours. The whole event will be housed on a Sony 24Share Facebook page. The page allows our photographers to upload their shots and share them with online friends (driving traffic to the page). The page allowed anyone in the world to view the photographic record of every hour of Independence Day (searching by hour, city or photographer); vote for their favourite shot and share them with friends. The best photo in each location wins its photographer a Sony Alpha and lens.

Post August 15


The voting was open for five days after Independence Day. This would allow your students to publicise their work amongst their friends (to encourage

them to vote for their work) and for people to really engage with the concept as they helped us to pick the winner.

 Benefits: 1. Good relationship established between the 24 selected photography schools and colleges and Sony India.

 2. The creation of 24 portfolios of photographs to be utilized by the photography schools and colleges at a later stage.

 3. National and international exposure for photography schools and the 576 students.

 4. One student per college wins a Sony Alpha.

 5. Schools and colleges part of the legacy of Independence Day captured for posterity.