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CRAFT: - Distinguished Features
1.    Specialized courses- VS- mass communication : There are many institutes  which are offering 3-years mass communication bachelor degree  and 2-years master degree then why CRAFT decided to introduce one-year, full-time diploma program ? Today, we are living in an era of micro specialization. Besides FTII, SRFTII, & IIMC JNU, not many institutes offer specialization courses in media arts. Moreover, the usual intake of aspirants in so-called mass communication courses is 45-60, where imparting practical training is impossible. Most of these courses work on a run-of-the-mill theoretical syllabus devised by academic council members who has hardly any industry experience.
2.    Corporate Philosophy: CRAFT is an autonomous institute which not affiliated to any university nor approved by AICTE (they don’t recognize such courses!!!) We are non profit making organization operates on a corporate pattern rather than on a bureaucratic system. Which means, we respond to any e-mail query within 2-working days; we give our students visiting cards!! ; We are so flexible that even on  short notice we are ready to accommodate any workshop when any unexpected Bombay based professional happens to be in town .These are small thing but big things consist of many such small things.
3.    Best Industry professional's workshop: Regularly CRAFT organizes various workshops for 2-3 days by film industry Professionals having strong credibility on aesthetics of sound, editing, camera, script, direction. Most recently we had workshop by
4.    Economical fee: Fee structure of all the courses has been kept in affordable range.
5.    Students and teacher ratio: The intake of student is limited to 10-20 so that practical training is feasible.
6.    Film aesthetics: - we impart a strong sense of cinema to all the students by showing international films which are not easily available in the market.

7. Collection of 500 (.avi file) films: DVD library consists of best international films (French German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian), which are given free to students to watch at home besides the class room screening and discussion.
8.   Meticulous teaching plan (details in the attachment): we have two semester .1-st semester finishes on 30th Jan 2012.and 2nd semester begins on 1st Feb. it consist of field projects and internship. PR-event mgmt and TV journalism students has to finish their field projects in first 3-months and last 3-months are for internship with media company based in Delhi
9.   Strong industry links. Professionals who comes to conduct workshop has strong link with film industry ,TV –INDUSTRY, and corporate sector which becomes helpful for students with industry  networking
10.   LEARN BY DOING: is the philosophy of the CRAFT. Pl read about the equipment and other facilities available in the infrastructure folder. 

 Awards/ Accolades

  • Selected-9 among international film schools :films school where script by our student was chosen among 9-intrenational film school that got the opportunity to make film on “men’ world of perfume” by PRADA-ITALAY you can check the website link.(www.prada.com)click-fragrances-click-short movies for Infusion d’homme-click enter 9-short films. click mesmerizing from India(supervised by our director, Naresh Sharma, co-directed by Girjesh Choudhary ,ex-CRAFT student)
  • Selected -6 among Indian film schools: when HMV Saregama has to choose 2-film schools in Delhi Bombay, Calcutta for their underground album to make music videos, we were among 6-film schools that include FTII-pune,    SRFTII-Calcutta,   and whistling wood.
  • One page articles in National Daily like HT: 
  • Awards from : Chairman NATIONAL SKILL DEVLOPMENT COUNCIL.for best institute offering cinematographjy skill


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