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Admission Procedure for International Students. 

Please note that we have total 10 seats for International students 5-seats from  Developed countries (European /Asian/Latin American ) and 5-seats from African and asian countries:

Apply Online:  Now by clicking here 

1.  We are accepting Applications for the next session starting on 31st July 2017

2. The medium of Instruction is English.

3. Selection Criteria: minimum 12 years of education is must.

4. Once the application is received they will be given questionnaire in word file via email to be answered, which will form basis for the selection along with the academic track record. To support their candidature they can send their work, online u-tube links/portfolio etc. imp dates are

5. If selected, they will be getting selection letter along with the visa letter -HARD COPY-via courier after the student tranfer 50 us dollar couier charges.

6. Before we send the selection letter student needs to pay at least 50-percent of the fee via bank transfer and balance after coming to CRAFT. No student will get the selection letter without paying fee in advance via bank transfer.

7. Selected candidates result will declared on 15th  july 2017 . 

8. They need to make on line 50% fee transfer BEFORE SEEKING THE VISA from embassy

9. International applicants who are serious for the admission in CRAFT are strongly advice to study the requirement at the Indian embassy site and keep their paper ready and fee which need to be deposit in advance via online bank transfer before applying for visa in Indian embassy. 

B. Full time course: All the courses are full time one year Diploma Program, except acting and modeling which is 6-month full time course. there is no part time course/3-months course option for international students. YOU CAN CHOSE SINGLE COURSE OR DOUBLE COURSE OPTION from the list given in the online application form

C. The Tuition fee for various course for the entire one year Program for International students / NRI student is as follows. 
1) Single Course: The total fee is $2500/- (Two Thousand and Five Hundred U.S. Dollar) for all the courses. 
2) Double Course: The students who would like to do two program (double diploma) in one year, has to pay fee of $3,500/- (Three thousand five hundred U.S. Dollar).

D. Accommodation: CRAFT don’t offer hostel facilities but our student’s coordinator will help in finding suitable accommodation in the vicinity of the College. The expenses for food + accommodation together for One year will cost approximately $1800 (Eighteen hundred U.S. DoLLAR)

 last date to apply: The last date to apply is 20th june 2017. Sincere students will not wait till 5thdec. Every week we recive 3-4 applications and as soon as we recive them, The processing starts.                                                        

Apply Online:  Now by clicking here 

                                 *  Any inquiry can be e-mailed to: naresh.sharma@log2craft.org

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