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Photography Course is available for fresher and for those photographers who want to upgrade their knowledge in this genre of photography. At CRAFT, the Fashion Photography Course includes advanced lighting and laying foundations. Fashion Photography Course also offers workshops on technical sessions and lighting detailed data on the fixed model, etc.

We take you through the basics of the best from your camera, studio lighting, shooting in the studio with live models and work with a team of makeup artists and art directors. Most importantly, in this Photography Course, you will have the opportunity to build a portfolio in your study under the guidance of the mentor.

Our Photography Course will help you enter the exciting world of shooting beauty. Fashion Photography Course will pave your way to the success of your skills in the world of glamour. Employment opportunities exist in several fields as: Art Director / Creative Director in an Advertising Agency, Photojournalist for newspapers/magazines, Still Photographer for movie production companies, Technical Photographer in research organizations, Law enforcement / Forensic / Surveillance Photographer in Police or Defense Services, Photography Teacher in Art Institutes or Visual / Mass Communication Colleges, Lab Technician in a color lab, Digital Post-production Artist in pre-press houses / advertising. The course consists primarily of workshop exercises and assignments with lectures and demonstrations for content delivery and guidance.
A Videography Course will make you responsible for composing each frame in a scene to be shot and deciding the lighting and camera angles according to the requirements of the director in Television production. The Videography Course will help you lead the camera/lighting team for television shoot. This course blends traditional filmmaking techniques with the latest digital video and film cinematography. We use the Panasonic HVX-200, the Sony DSR-500 DVCam for day to day exercises.

There are screenings, lectures, and demonstrations to help you understand creative possibilities as you develop an eye for aesthetics. Cinematic possibilities of advanced digital video will be explored. Students will experiment with the creative use of television lighting for talk show or serial. During the Videography Course you will learn how to use the built-in menus of a video camera to control hue, density, and contrast while using lighting equipment and light meters to control image quality.

This Videography Course also includes the use of filters to create dramatic scenes in the studio and on-location. Afternoons and evenings will be spent on location and in the studio under demanding professional conditions, testing theory, and gaining practical experience in various lighting situations. Variety of lighting styles, like source lighting, mood lighting, stylization, and glamour will be demonstrated through practical situations in the studio. Videography Course  also includes workshops that will give the students confidence and technical fineness required to shoot any professional cinematography assignment in the film and television industry. After completing the Videography Course ,the students can easily seek employment with television stations where they can earn anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. In recent times, Professional Digital Photography has made giant strides, both in terms of hardware and software.

A student of Photography today, can see the image instantly after the shot is taken and is able to fine-tune it immediately. As a result, the learning curve has become steeper. The Videography Course is based on a holistic, 'hands-on' approach to Professional Photography. Teaching methodology includes lectures, slide shows (work done by faculty as well as images from around the world), demos, field trips, assignments, web research and critique sessions. After completing the Videography Course there are numerous Career Possibilities as trained professionals. Photographers passing out of the CRAFT film school will have a variety of career and job opportunities. Broadly, Photographers can choose one of the two categories - employment or a freelance career.
You can choose the specialization for the 2nd Semester like fashion photography: industrial photography: wild life Photography

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