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Creative Writing (Script, Screenplay, Dialogue, Copywriting, TV Commercials) » 6 Month » Overview

Creative writing is a craft that can be taught, learned, and mastered. You have an image, a character, an idea for a story, or just a sense of where it begins. This course will enhance your creativity and imagination to shape your thoughts in a professional work environment.

To hone your skills as a professional screenwriter, there will be lectures and workshops on the elements of the writing craft such as plot, characterization, and dialogue. Thematic workshops will train students on how to generate ideas, create compelling characters, and structure them to develop their own distinct style. These workshops will help them develop their own script and our instructors will guide them with specific suggestions on areas of improvement and an extensive analysis of their writing projects.

It is believed that there are three kinds of feelings while reading a script, no, and WOW! Your job as a screenwriter is to cerate that WOW!  However, writing authentic, sparkling, and well-crafted dialogues that individualize characters and entertains the reader is the ultimate challenge for screenwriters. How-to books sometimes discuss these things superficially, and it is more often prescriptive than enlightening. Such books focus on what dialogue must do but neglect discussing specific techniques on how to do it. The classes will include dialogue rewriting exercises and analysis of famous dialogues.
A character-driven story is the most powerful in today's competitive marketplace. To write a successful story, it is imperative to create characters that the audience identifies with and makes them emotionally involved. You will discover how to look behind the characters' masks to understand their inner motivation and psychology. You will learn how to create characters who are unique human beings with a heart and soul who bring your story to life.

Before sending any script to a producer or agent, professionals get it analyzed by a Script Doctor. We will have workshop by an internationally known Script Doctor, who will provide students with concrete ideas on how to make their script stronger and more saleable.

In the last decade, advertising has become indispensable in the corporate world. The creative process involves identification of the sources of creative ideas, preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification of ideas in terms of creative appeal and the rational and emotional motives of the target audience to purchase. To expand their creative horizons, students are exposed to the various genres in advertising such as creative themes, demonstration, slice of life, testimonials, animation, fantasy, and humor. Students will also get various modules on copy writing and writing for live-action commercial advertisement by various practitioners of the advertising world.

Students will be guided on how to break into the industry and find their place in it. Special discussions will be held on topics that will fortify the skills and attitude required to survive in the industry in real life.

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